Georg Kustatscher

I studied Molecular Biology at the University of Salzburg, Austria. In 2008 I received a PhD from the EMBL in Heidelberg, where I worked in the group of Andreas Ladurner. Following this, I joined the Rappsilber lab as a Postdoc.

We have developed a “chromatin proteomics” workflow that combines partial biochemical enrichment of chromatin with machine learning. Using this approach, we have provided the first comprehensive inventory of human interphase chromatin factors.

Many cellular processes are now understood in great mechanistic detail at the molecular level. However, assembling our knowledge of individual molecular machines and pathways into a coherent big picture of the cell remains an unresolved challenge. In the age of big data, a promising direction towards this goal is to analyse large, accurate biological datasets with powerful new algorithms. I would like to use this approach to understand the physicochemical principles that underlie cellular organisation.