Juan Zou

Proteomics Data Analysis Manager

My career started when I joined Professor Peter Sadler’s group. In his lab, I acquired a variety of bioanalytical skills, expanding my knowledge from pharmaceutical sciences to biochemistry. I then joined the Centre for Inflammation Research as a research fellow in the autoimmunity group headed by Professor Neil Turner. I worked closely with Dr. Richard Phelps on the development of novel mass spectroscopic methods for identifying peptides from the Goodpasture’s autoantigen. From there I moved on to become staff scientist in the analytical department of CXR Biosciceces Ltd.

Since April 2009, I’ve been working in my current position promoting the use of mass spectrometry based proteomics tools to researchers in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology. The module courses have been developed to give researchers/students an introduction to the concepts and applications of the underlying technologies.  Based on our group expertise in the proteomics workflows, I provide in-depth support to a wide range of projects through collaboration as well as conducting my own method development research.  Seminars in the field of Proteomics are organised from time to time, where prominent scientists are invited to share their latest findings and techniques with the Centre. We have also established The Edinburgh Proteomics Club, which provides a platform for the community to exchange experience and ideas in their diverse research activities.