Creating new organic compounds for cross-linking mass spectrometry here at the @RappsilberLab. Let the chemistry party begin @ana_aperezl 🥳

09/2019 Issue -->
Decoding p53 dynamics, ESC differentiation, role of paralogs in robustness, #proteomics, #transcription, #Qbio, #evolution
Cover (by @skrahl): assembling protein complexes with cross-linking #MassSpectrometry from @RappsilberLab

Check out our recent publication - An integrated workflow for crosslinking mass spectrometry | Molecular Systems Biology

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We gratefully acknowledge support by our funders especially the Wellcome Trust for their willingness to fund us when our vision was daring but the prospects of ever reaching our goals still far remote. We are also deeply indebted to Edinburgh for providing a very supportive research environment and many great colleagues for being the way they are. This allowed us to ultimately overcome the key challenges of our approach. We also thank the many gifted students of Biotechnology at the TU Berlin for their curiosity and interest in technology development and the TU Berlin for providing a space to tune and scale our approach.